Oil Spill cleanup

Heating Oil Spill Cleanup, Remediation, & Prevention

In Maine, a great deal of home & business owners depend on fuel oil to provide heat & hot water. An oil spill can cause a great deal of damage both to your home & the environment. It is important to clean these up as quickly as possible in the proper manner to reduce the damage caused.

Oil can be difficult to clean off a concrete floor, but they can be easily managed if they are dealt with right away. We will work with the Maine DEP & use the most environmentally safe & cost effective method for your individual situation.

If you have had an oil spill the first step is to contact Maine DEP at 1-800-482-0777 (24/7) or go to their website at http://www.maine.gov/dep/spills/

Oil Spill-Odor Cleanup Procedures:

1) After an identified leak, spill or odor contact the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The MDEP may recommend calling the local fire department as well as your service company to help shut off valves and determine risk. In most situations due to exposure and odor MDEP will monitor vapors and add ventilation.

2) The next step is ensuring personal & family safety limiting exposure to heating oil and vapors. IF able with hand protection absorb the bulk of oil, bag and carry to the exterior of living areas. This will reduce vapors. If not add ventilation and remove all family and pets from the site to ensure safety.


Note: Some Common symptoms associated with acute (short-term) exposure to heating oil are:

eye irritation
loss of coordination and
Prolonged or widespread contact with the skin may cause severe irritation, redness, and swelling. Chronic (long-term) exposure to heating oil may produce serious health impacts. If symptoms are severe or persist consult a doctor.

3) Once the spill has been contained and negative air established. With the guidance of MDEP our technicians, while wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), must perform bulk oil removal as well as determine removal of flooring, sub-flooring, contents depending on the affected materials porosity. In some instances pack out of the areas is deemed necessary along with possible inventorying of lost goods. If structural damage has occurred, such as sill plates and/or concrete, the affected flooring must be rotary scrubbed with a degreaser, extracted, rinsed and then rotary scrubbed with an acid to etch the concrete (exfoliation), rinse and then extract again. Then technicians would seal the floor and thermo fog adjacent areas for odor encapsulation. Raw wood, contents, organic materials can become saturated and retain heavy odor thus further cleaning/ sealing and long term ventilation may be a necessity to resolve all odor and bring the property to pre-loss condition.

*NOTE: The local DEP & some insurance companies may be able to help cover such oil spills and the resulting cleanup. As in some situations, environmental cleanup may be required and costs can escalate to $20,000 to $30,000.00; possibly even higher. Thus, it is imperative to stop all spills and clean up as fast as possible to ensure personal and environmental safety.

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